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Wednesday 17th August 2005 11:59 AM [Awasu News]

The second Awasu 2.1.3 alpha release (what's this?) is now available here.

The big upgrade of Awasu's UI continues with this release. Major new features include:

  • a Task Pane that brings together the most commonly used features of Awasu into a single place for quick access
  • a new docking window to track podcasts and other enclosures that Awasu has downloaded for you
  • an application sidebar that lets you monitor your favorite channels

There'll be one more alpha release after this that cleans up a few loose ends plus a few more new features and that'll be the 2.1.3 release. Have fun!

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I notice that my use of the free "demo" personal edition ceases at the end of October. Although I realise one should not take freebies for granted, there is no mention anywhere else of a time restricion on use of this edition. I also think that RSS is still in its infancy, albeit a potentially extremely useful facility. However it is not there yet - as only a few sites appear to have bought in to the concept of having software scan the internet for updates and news on applications one uses.

Cna you advise what happens to my use of the personal edition of Awasu beyond the end of October.

This is an alpha release, which have an expiry date. Check out the FAQ for more details.

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