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Sunday 16th May 2004 11:25 AM [General]

It's been a bit quiet on this blog recently but that's because I've been flat out working in the next alpha for 2.0.1. I've finally booted it out the door and man, am I pleased to see the back of it!

As is often the case, the things that you think are going to be hard turn out to be relatively straight-forward and the easy stuff a major PITA. This has been one of the toughest, most frustrating releases I have ever put together (for anything, not just Awasu). Every time I got to code complete and started final testing, something came up and I had to go back and re-architect some stuff :-(

But it's definitely been worth it. Now that Awasu archives content, it changes the whole feel of the program and smooths out the flow of information as it comes in. And we can now start building a more sophisticated search facility on top of it and other advanced features. For infrastructure work like this, it's critical to get things right from the start and the extra time I've spent here will definitely pay off as Awasu grows.

Have fun :-)

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I just purchased your advanced version (I like to support development) and I must say I'm impressed. I look forward to playing around and finding out all the features. Great Job and good luck.


Thanks! It's been a tough past few weeks working on this next version and so it's good to get positive feedback from users.

Don't forget you can always ask questions or make suggestions in the forums.

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