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Sunday 31st October 2010 4:59 AM [Awasu News]

The first 2.4.4 alpha release [?] is now available here.

The main additions are enhancements to two of Awasu's most important features.

  • Workpads: custom fields can now be defined for each workpad (e.g. Priority, Assigned to, Source) and values set for each by workpad items. These values will then be included in any reports generated from that workpad.
  • Awasu API: a new entry point has been added that allows individual feed items to be retrieved from Awasu's database. And since it works off reports, you also get the extra functionality that they offer e.g. emailing or FTP'ing them off somewhere.

There is also a simple interface for managing the download queue for enclosures. They say necessity is the mother of all invention and I put this feature in since I got stung by a few feeds that I had subscribed to that turned out to have gigabytes of enclosures embedded in them :wall:

This beta cycle will be the last before the next general release - not long to go! :-)

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Wow! The custom fields for Workpads is a great idea! I see that the $workpads/list Awasu API has already been updated to include the custom field values in its output. So custom fields are immediately available in 1) the Awasu UI, 2) Channel Reports, and 3) the $workpads/list Awasu API... nice work!

And thanks for adding the new $feedItems/get Awasu API so quickly. I know I made a last-minute request and I'm finished making requests... at least for this release cycle. :-)

For all the users who aren't keeping up with the many alpha and beta releases there's going to be a lot of new features in the next general release. Woohoo!

>>> I’m finished making requests

Glad to hear it :roll: I hit code complete yesterday :-)

Now we're just waiting for a wave of new extensions using these new API calls... :whip:

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