Awasu » Awasu 2.4.2 released
Wednesday 10th February 2010 10:00 AM [Awasu News]

The 2.4.2 beta release [?] is now available here.

It's been a while since the last beta but a huge amount of work has gone into the main new feature in this release, an API that allows external programs to control Awasu.

Some of the things the API allows you to do is find out about your channels, open them up, run reports and get the results, monitor and update your workpads and of course, hook into Awasu's search engine.

All of this is important since it enhances Awasu's already prodigious extensibility and allows third-parties to build even more insanely cool additions to Awasu's feature set. These are some of the things the Awasu Monster has been able to create without the API and I've seen some teasers of what's to come now that the API has been released :drool: And other people have also suggested further useful additions to the API that will be made available in the next release cycle.

I'm right on it... :whip:

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