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Monday 30th November 2009 10:57 AM [Awasu News]

The first 2.4.2 alpha release [?] is now available here.

The change log is a little short but this is because a huge amount of work has gone into laying the ground-work for the insanely awesome new API that will let third-party programs extract information out of your Awasu, even from another computer! :clap: The next release should be out in a much shorter time and will add some cool new features on top of what's there now and in the meantime, <guilt-trip target="you-know-who-you-are">some really amazing plugins will be coming out soon that take advantage of the features offered by the new API</guilt-trip>.

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Take it from an early adopter (me) the HTTP API is insanely awesome. :bow: It will allow developers to code up some cool stuff; but some functions are also highly useable for non-developers too. I've got some Bookmarklets that I need to add to the wiki, that anyone can use to enhance their Awasu experience.

In an early, pre-alpha release running on a USB-drive installation, I've called the API during a major channel update and it still returned results pretty fast, so it seems pretty stable and responsive.

The addition of strftime-style parameters in the FTP URL is also really cool. Instead of overwriting Channel Reports each time they are run you can add the Date and Time as part of a Channel Report's name and add new reports to a directory, nice.

<guilt-trip accepted="I-know-who-I-am">"Life" has slowed the progress of my Application Plugins, but they are coming. Also I took a side trip down they Metadata modules and XSLT paths; I even added 3 pages to Awasu's Wiki. They're currently not linked to any of the other pages yet but you can find them by searching for "GeoRSS"</guilt-trip>

That's the longest <guilt-trip /> ever laid on me: 12,760 km/7,929 mi
(It "guilted" me into finishing the "GeoRSS" Wiki pages tonight)

<guilt-trip still-outstanding="I-hope-there-are-other-guilty-parties-too"></guilt-trip>

Once again, thanks for all the work you've put in to this release, you and other Awasu users will see the benefits of it in the near future.

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