Awasu » Awasu 1.1.3 released
Tuesday 30th September 2003 9:39 PM [Awasu News]

OK, so I told a teeny, tiny fib when I said the next release of Awasu would let you keep copies of Awasu running on different machines in sync.

Something that I really wanted to get into the last release was a better Import From OPML feature but unfortunately, I just ran out of time. But since OPML seems to be getting more popular now, I re-jigged the schedule a bit and put it into this release. And of course, a few other things as well :-)

If you're looking for an OPML file to try this new feature out with, kyodylee posted Chris Pirillo's OPML file here. Almost 500 channels - where does he find the time?! Have fun :-)

Testing of the Windows 98/Me version seems to going fine so I'll release a 98/Me version of 1.1.3 probably in a few days.

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There is a noticeable (sp?) speed increase on channel updates. Good work!!! So what's on the plate for the next version.

If you run Awasu at work and home, you're going to love the next beta: it will allow copies of Awasu running on different machines to be kept in sync.

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