Awasu » Awasu 1.1.2 (beta) released
Sunday 14th September 2003 11:33 PM [Awasu News]

I'm really happy with this release. It contains a lot of cool new features, runs a lot more quickly and smoothly and is just much slicker all round.

Major new features:

  • Added the ability to search feeds
  • Added support for auto-discovery that automatically finds RSS feeds in web pages.
  • Added support for Dublin Core, xhtml:body and content:encoded.
  • Made the presentation of feed content highly configurable. Channels can be configured to show only unread or new items, short extracts if there is too much content or plain-text if you are concerned about HTML security.
  • Optimized many parts of Awasu. It runs much more quickly now and the overall operation is a lot smoother.
  • Added support for secure channels using SSL i.e. URL's that start with https://.

This release still requires Windows NT, 2000 or XP. However, I already have a basic version running on 98 so hopefully the first cut will be going out to the alpha testers later this week. Let me know if you would like to help out with testing.

Those of you who know me (or have had the misfortune pleasure of working with me) will already know that I'm pretty serious about quality in software and the development process. It's taken me a bit longer than I would've liked to get Awasu to where it's at now but it's been worth the extra effort. There has been a lot of clean-up of the code and Awasu is pretty solid now, both inside and out, which will provide a strong foundation on which to build and start adding special features. First on the list is the ability to synchronize copies of Awasu running on different machines. Most of it has already been written so it shouldn't take too long...

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Taka, I have the Advanced Edition. Will this Beta work with it? Thanks much.

I've just sent you a copy of the Advanced Edition.

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