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Wednesday 17th March 2004 9:13 AM [General]

Bruce Schneier's Cryptogram has a feed.

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Any chance you could email to me a logo for Awasu? We're updating our promo materials that talk about third parties that support us and that would be helpful.

Sorry for being off topic here.


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Thursday 21st August 2003 9:02 PM [General]

Australia's first flash mob.

PEAK-hour Melbourne commuters were left gaping when 120 people, each wearing a yellow dish-washing glove and pointing at the sky, blocked the Flinders Street Station steps this evening.

After gathering at 5.24pm and staring quizzically at the sky for one minute, the yellow-gloved mob abruptly dispersed into the five o'clock rush hour, leaving behind befuddled bystanders.

Woo hoo! :-)

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