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Saturday 5th April 2003 8:00 PM [General]

Using RSS and programs such as Awasu to read your daily news is cool but as Phil Gomes describes in this article at Media Map, there are a lot more uses for it than just that.

RSS holds the promise of becoming a key part of a company's media relations strategy and execution. ... your company can consider setting up a blog and posting news release teasers -- or even headlines and synopses -- hours or maybe a day prior to [formal public] transmission. This could be reasonably expected to elevate users' perceived value of subscribing to your RSS feeds, which would help in terms of interest measurement and create a closer relationship between your company and those it most wants to influence.

And he uses Awasu :-)

In fact, here at Awasu, we see even more powerful uses of RSS than this. Instead of being restricted to news and press releases, Awasu can be used to transmit live information of any kind. And these features are available right now!

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