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Wednesday 20th August 2003 6:19 PM [General]

nervous, adj.

What I was after being woken up at some horribly early hour this morning (OK, so I'm not a morning person :roll:) by the security alarm complaining that mains power had been interrupted, crawling out of bed to find that it was not a total blackout but instead a rather severe brownout, then noticing that my main development machine that had been left on overnight had died and was totally unresponsive but the hard disk access light was permanently on, then trying to go back to sleep, all the while thinking "jeez, it's been a while since I last tested my backup restores." :eek:

Everything was OK when the power came back, BTW.

/taka busies himself reviewing all his backup and recovery procedures. Nothing like a good scare to motivate you to do things. Sigh...

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Check at intervals to be prepared for the next blackout. All it takes to shut you down is one careless driver taking out a critical transformer on a utility pole. Or a lightning strike on substation.

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