Awasu » And you guys back then were OK with this?
Wednesday 13th December 2006 5:16 PM [General]

So I'm going through something of a retro phase right now, watching old episodes of Space 1999 (I was a huge fan when I was a kid) and playing Xevious.

A while back, Electronic Games Monthly parked a couple of kids in front of some old-time video games and asked them what they thought. The results were so hysterically, pants-wettingly funny, they've decided to do it again.

It was a tough call deciding which was the best bit to quote but I think this one just about sums it up:

EGM: With its five buttons and save-the-humans mission, Defender was one of the most complex games in arcade history.

Bobby: I've played this on my cell phone.

Sigh... :-(

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