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Wednesday 12th January 2005 9:18 PM [General]

Awasu is, of course, an Australian company, based in Melbourne to be exact.

Today, I stumbled across Mark Nottingham's "An opinionated guide to Melbourne which is chock-full of handy hints for those of you who might be planning to make an antipodean visit and would like to take this opportunity to re-iterate and confirm his comments on Foster's beer:

Please note; Australians don't really drink Foster's. If you buy someone one, they'll think you're either a) a tourist b) stupid or c) offensive. These possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

There's a good reason why we export the damn stuff :mad:

Of course, if you're planning to visit Australia, you may want to read this first. Laugh, you may, but it is in fact true. Every last word.

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Would a VB be a better choice for all you blokes :)

My wife is from Broken Hill and came to Canada in 98. She has taught me a lot about Australia, and I taught her about Canada. So with her help, you can send all your Shiela's over here to live in our igloos... :)

VB? Ah, a man of good taste... :-)

We could send all our sheilas over there but then you'd have to send yours over to us. Not a bad swap, now that I think of it...

I trust your browsing Melbourne sites doesn't signify incipient homesickness! I'll have a Coopers for you tomorrow night.

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