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Friday 1st December 2006 11:12 AM [General]

Today is Support Your Favorite Small Software Vendor Day.

Let's band together and support those small software vendors writing Windows apps that not only don't suck, they ROCK. Let's support the little guy who still gives a damn about creating small, beautiful, useful apps on an operating system that gets no respect.

We've always been firm believers in putting something back in and supporting those who do so. Most people have at least one or two programs they use for free but have the option of paying or donating for, so check your Start Menu and see if there's anything there worth supporting. A few bucks is not going to break the bank and it all comes back around anyway :wink:

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I know nothing about code or developing programs,heck i cannot even figure out how to adjust a quicken template or even well I just can't do much computer stuff/ like what is a ? weird stuff.
I say that to say that i must agree with helping thelittle guy and giving him support as I am one of those that do download the free stuff --
so thank-you for your efforts.

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