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Thursday 7th July 2005 1:11 AM [General]

This is pretty cool.

Long-time readers of this blog may remember that I've been training in Aikido for a while now. Aikido is an unusual martial art in that there is no competition whatsoever nor any free sparring. It's purely a defensive art, designed to let you take care of yourself and deal with any threats without (necessarily :-)) hurting the other guy.

The guys at my dojo have just released some DVD's that demonstrate not only the basics of Yoshinkan Aikido but also practical applications of it as well. You can check out some clips here if you're interested in seeing what it looks like.

I've been so busy with Awasu (plus all the other things that conspire to stop me from having any free time whatsoever :-() that I haven't been training as much as I would like. Seeing these videos make me want to start training full-time again.

Now there's a thought... :idea:

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eternal whitebelt

Wonderful, I've been training in Yoshinkan as well for a few years. I love it and I love Awasu as well. Osu!

If you check out this page, you'll see we get a mention :-)

I trained in Aikido for several years, but I suffered too many injuries (two knee surgeries and a neck surgery later - although they may not have been directly related to my training) I'm no longer allowed to train. I miss it though.

My Sensei put together a series of CDs with movies of our techniques. You can check out some samples of those at under Test Requirements AVIs.

Some pretty cool clips. Thanks for the link. I've been doing some Aikikai recently but it's been doing my head in a bit. While the techniques are recognizable, a lot of the ideas and thinking behind the moves are quite different. As well as the whole attitude towards training. I miss my Yoshinkan :-(

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