Awasu » Again?! Already?!
Wednesday 8th February 2006 12:48 PM [Awasu News]

It's our third birthday! :jig:

I can't believe how quickly the past year has gone but gone it has and that means it's time for our now traditional lookback at what happened over the past 12 months. But to break another Awasu tradition, the retrospective is ready ahead of time :-) and you can check it out here.

Our second year was very much focused on improving Awasu's underlying engine but the past twelve months have been dedicated to putting together a UI worthy of the power underneath the hood. So lots of really nice screenshots :-) and it's quite amazing to see the difference between how Awasu looks now and when it took its first wobbly steps into the big bad world of RSS.

And as always, many many thanks to all the people who've helped get us here. Whether it be showing your support by purchasing Awasu, writing extensions or providing feedback, it's all gone in to make Awasu a better program.

So now we've got all the basic stuff out of the way, we're all set to start adding some really cool new features. I hinted at some of these yesterday so don't be going anywhere, 2006 is going to be a lot of fun... :cool:

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