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Monday 21st November 2005 3:40 PM [Awasu News]

One of the channel hooks that is installed as standard with Awasu is the Channel Monitor Window. It opens up a small window that you can leave floating on your desktop, independently of the main Awasu window, that shows you the latest content from your favorite channels. The plan has always been to extend this to also run as a scrolling ticker but this has always been pushed aside by other, more important stuff :-( :whip:

However, David Edwards has just released something that he's been working on that does exactly this. People, this is a seriously cool extension to Awasu! You can see it in action in the screenshot: the ticker is running across the top of the desktop, the window in the bottom-right is the configuration dialog for the third-party tool he is using to manage the ticker.

Comprehensive documentation is included in the zip file. Don't be put off by the installation instructions; they're long but it's not as complicated as it might look. What it basically boils down to is this:

  • install Windows Script 5.6
  • install CoolTicker .90a
  • install the CoolTicker 03-16-04 upgrade
  • copy a bunch of config files to the CoolTicker installation directory
  • test the CoolTicker installation
  • copy the channel hook files to Awasu's ChannelHooks directory
  • test the Awasu channel hook

And yer done! All of this only needs to be done once and you can then attach the hook to as many channels as you want to see in the ticker.

The thing that really gives me a buzz about this is that we had no idea this project was being done :-). It was done without any technical input from us, no knowledge of hidden API's or anything like that, just a lot of determination (since the help file has only just recently been updated to cover channel hooks :oops:). It really is a testament to the power of Awasu's extensible architecture that things like this can be done.

And to David's generosity in sharing it with the rest of us. Thanks, mate! :clap:

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Great Idea

I've been loving the ticker. Kudos!

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