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Friday 7th November 2003 6:32 PM [Awasu News]

There is currently a project under way to write a channel hook for Awasu that adds new content to a database (e.g. MySQL or Berkeley) as it arrives in your feeds. While work is progressing nicely on Awasu's own internal high-powered search engine, this is still an intriguing project since the content will be going into a publicly-accessible database where you can do whatever you want with it. The source will also be available for you to tinker with.

So, if this is something that you might want to use or perhaps you'd like to get involved, mosey on over to the forums and join in the discussion!

BTW, the final round of testing has just started for the next beta that will let you keep copies of Awasu running on different machines in sync. It's looking pretty good and should be out in a week or two :-)

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