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Monday 20th October 2003 8:57 PM [General]

It's been a while since I last looked at Mozilla Firebird and since there have been more than a few people raving about the latest release recently, I figured it was time to check it out again.

It's way cool.

It's slick, it's fast and above all, it's usable. And from their FAQ:

We need all the exposure we can get. Make it your mission to convert 5 friends, family members or coworkers. If you're a student, get it distributed at your college. Submit a story to Slashdot and other news sites about the release. Make some noise on your blog. Mass distribution via the Internet is possible--look at Kazaa. Spread the word!

So if you decide to use it because of this post, leave a comment and help boost my karma! I need five of ya and I might not come back as a frog in my next life or something like that :-( Those of you using Awasu as your default browser are, of course, banned :-)

And if you really like it, you can tweak Awasu to use it. It's not as complicated as it looks :-)

The Mozilla email client, Thunderbird, also looks really good but I don't think it's quite ready for business use yet. Lack of a proper (i.e. integrated and official) backup facility is a definite show-stopper, unfortunately.

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While I can see where you are coming from, I tried firebird after Mozzilla 1.4, couldnt get on wwith it at all. Have been using 1.4 till the release of 1.5 this week.

Mozilla is way cooler than IE. If you make it your default browser, Awasu will become the leading RSS reader, bar none.

I am already a Firebird user. My husband who uses Linux got me into it. I love it. Much better than clunky old IE and safer too, which is the reason I switched. With all of the security holes that browser has, who needs it?

I tried Firebird, but found that I couldn't use it for some of the websites I frequently visit, like my bank's online site. My natural gas provider's site didn't work either. So I went back to IE. Mozilla and Firebird are nice browsers, but IE is much more tolerant of poorly written HTML. Plus, many websites continue to use features that Moz/Firebird don't support.

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