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Thursday 26th April 2018 6:22 PM [Awasu News]

Another year, another Awasu Day, and it's with great pleasure I can release the latest and greatest in the long line of Awasu releases: Awasu v3.2.

This release is faster, slicker and just damn prettier than ever before, with numerous improvements, in particular, to the search engine[1]Many thanks to Jacek for prodding me into action on this..

Check it out, not least of all because there will be, yet again, no price increase :clap: , and if you purchased in the last 2 years, this release will be included as part of that i.e. completely free.

And once you're up and running, don't forget about one of the key features of Awasu, it's extensibility, with many free plugins here (e.g. skins, Office integration, geo-location and translation tools), as well as a bunch of paid ones e.g. monitoring:

Have fun with this one, and I'm definitely off to the pub... :jig:


1 Many thanks to Jacek for prodding me into action on this.