Awasu extensions

Monitor Google search results.

Monitor Twitter users, search results and trends.

Monitor Wikipedia pages and search results.

Monitor emails as an RSS feed.

Monitor any web page by scraping it.
This plugin lets you extract information off a web page, then monitor what it finds as an RSS feed.

Store incoming content in an external database.
As new feed items arrive in Awasu, this extension will store a copy of them in a MySQL or SQL Server database.

Monitor Pinterest users, boards and search results.

Making Awasu my default browser really is a vote of confidence.
John Walker (via email)
I am impressed with Awasu. It does so many things that I haven't seen in other aggregators.
You guys have done great work with this product.
Awasu kicks butt over NewsGator!
Tina Barry (via email)
I consider Awasu one of my 'mission critical' pieces of software