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Friday 9th June 2006 3:55 PM [General]

I lived in Hong Kong for a few years so these photos don't shock me as much as they might some of you: 100 rooms, each 100 square feet in size.

Back then, the typical apartment rented out to foreigners was "500 sq.ft." but there was a large variance in peoples' conception of what 500 sq.ft. was :-). There were also a lot of rules about how apartment size was supposed to be calculated but landlords usually did it from outside the walls, not inside, so you lost a bit of usable space due to the thickness of the walls :roll:. It really hit home how nuts it all was when a landlady was showing me around an apartment and discovered that a post, about 2 feet square, was hollow and she was so pleased because she could now build a little cubby shelf inside it :-)

I paid about USD $1000/month for a slightly run-down 500 sq.ft. apartment and that was a pretty good price. At that time, Hong Kong was going through a real estate boom bubble and I remember one news headline proudly announcing that a downtown building site had sold for USD $130,000 per square meter :o. Prices have since collapsed and a lot of people have lost their shirts and more because of it.

I never complain about cramped living quarters any more...

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