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Tuesday 23rd July 2013 3:17 AM [Awasu News]

Ha, and y'all thought I was dead or had abandoned Awasu! Far from it, I've been insanely busy building several systems, all using Awasu as the underlying information retrieval engine:

  • A news retrieval and analysis service.
  • A medical search engine.
  • A customizable vertical search engine.

One part of all this work has been upgrading Awasu to run as a high-performance server application. Without a UI slowing things down, Awasu absolutely screams now, pulling down feeds from web servers, databases, anywhere, at a very high rate of knots, all the while indexing and analysing it. Shoot us an email if you're interested in running this version.

Other than that, this 3.0.1.alpha1 release is mostly bug fixes and enhancements, but lots of them!

Since it's been a while :whistle: since the last release, the policy for upgrade subscriptions will be a bit different for the this release cycle: if you had an active subscription on February 8th 2011 (when 3.0 was released), you are eligible for 3.0.1.