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Sunday 24th May 2009 10:17 AM [Awasu News]

There's an interesting conversation going on in the forums right now, in which we compare Australian and US development methodologies, I get busted for getting my XML lingo all mixed up, and kevotheclone flags his next move in his quest for complete and total domination of the Awasu world :unsure:

But another thing that came up was the impact Awasu can have on your computer when it's updating lots of channels. People often think that Awasu is chewing up all the CPU (since that's what they see in Task Manager) but this is usually not what's causing the problem. This question comes up periodically so I've added an entry to the wiki about how to make Awasu run faster.

Everyone should take a look at either disabling their search index, or deferring updates to off-peak times (throttling channel updates is generally not necessary). We need to have the default configuration the way it is so that Awasu works the way you would expect, out of the box, but changing these settings will make your Awasu run noticeably faster. And that can only be a good thing... :cool:

Saturday 23rd May 2009 11:35 AM [Awasu News]

The second 2.4.1 alpha release [?] is now available here.

This release contains a bunch of features and bug fixes requested by people over recent months, as well as <foreshadowing> the start of a big upgrade in what user tools and send-to tools can do </foreshadowing>.

Get yourself set up on this release 'cos alpha3 will be hot on its heels... :-)

Tuesday 5th May 2009 12:15 PM [Awasu News]

One of Awasu's most valuable features is, course, its extensibility and it tickles me pink when people take full advantage of this, often in the most clever ways.

Some people have been asking for the ability to automatically add items coming in on a channel to a workpad and while this feature will be implemented in 2.4.1, kevotheclone came up with a remarkably ingenious channel hook that does exactly this. I say "remarkably ingenious" because (1) it does it in a way that I would never have thought of and (2) it uses an interface into Awasu that I haven't ever mentioned anywhere :bow:

Check it out, it really is as easy as just unpacking the release ZIP file and attaching the hook to a channel. All new items will henceforth be added to the default workpad :clap: