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Sunday 16th December 2007 12:47 PM [Awasu News]

The 2.3.2 beta release [?] is now available here.

I read an article on a techie blog a while back that talked about the two main types of things developers worked on, fixing bugs and adding new features, and it occurred to me that the guy had forgotten one other important kind of work us programmers do: making the existing features work better.

It doesn't surprise me at all that he had forgotten this since it's not something that crosses the minds of most developers nor their managers. And while we're still adding new features and fixing the (ahem) one or two last bugs left, one of the key things we're focusing on in this release cycle is making what's there already work faster and better. If you haven't been keeping up with the alphas, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much quicker and nicer to use this release is ::-):

The main highlights of this release:

  • The ability to modify feed content before it is presented (read: ad blockers :clap: )
  • Integration with Outbrain, an interesting new online rating service
  • Lots and lots of optimizations!

Have fun y'all and a safe holiday season :cool:

Sunday 9th December 2007 12:15 PM [Awasu News]

The third 2.3.2 alpha release [?] is now available here.

The big new feature in this release is the ability to modify your feed content before it is shown on-screen. The main application of this is to remove advertising from your feed content (and not a moment too soon since there seems to have been a sudden and large surge in the number of ads appearing in feeds). The Pro Edition will automatically download rules to remove ads while Advanced Edition users can add their own manually.

Have fun y'all and barring another any catastrophic failure, this will be the 2.3.2 release in a week or so :cool: