Channel plugins Awasu's powerful plugin architecture is part of it's end-to-end information management framework that allows you to monitor anything at all, even if it doesn't provide an RSS feed, and to extend the functionality of Awasu itself.

Plugins are small programs or scripts that Awasu can run to retrieve information from any data source and convert it into a format that it can use (RSS or Atom).

You can monitor anything and everything using Awasu plugins.

It only takes a minimal amount of programming experience to write one. For more details and examples, please refer to the online help or visit the forums if you have questions.


Some examples

Track package shipments

Write a plugin that connects to the shipping company's website and extracts details of your shipment. Awasu can then notify you as it passes through each stage of delivery.
Monitor job sites

Write a plugin that connects to job sites of your choice and searches for jobs that you are interested in. When it finds something suitable, they will popup in Awasu!

This idea can easily be extended to auction or trading sites. Perhaps you're in the market for a new car or looking to rent an apartment. The possibilities are endless!
Keep tabs on what's happening at your corporate branch offices

Write a plugin that connects to your corporate databases are downloads the information you want to monitor. For example, you could keep track of the last 10 sales from each office. You could even ask to be specifically notified of any sales over a certain amount or to special customers!
Download user-contributed extensions that you can use with Awasu here.