Metadata modules

Metadata modules are a key part of Awasu's end-to-end information management framework that give you access to all the information in your feeds, not just the RSS stuff.

Many feed publishers are now embedding additional non-RSS information in their feeds which is simply ignored by most feed readers because they don't even realize it's there!

Metadata modules allows you to extract all this extra information out of a channel's feed and use it.


In its simplest form, metadata modules give you access to the new microformats and other RSS extensions, without having to wait for us to update Awasu to recognize them. Metadata modules for extensions currently in common use are installed as standard with Awasu.

However, there are much more powerful applications of metadata modules that open up some intriguing possibilities, especially in a corporate environment.


Some examples

Tracking call center activity

Your call center publishes RSS feeds with information about each support ticket raised. Embedded in each item is information about the customer, who raised the ticket, who it has been assigned to, it's progress, etc. Awasu can extract this information, display and archive it.

Channel hooks could also be written that analyze each item as it arrives and takes further action based on what it finds.
Server monitoring

If you have critical tasks running on your server, feeds could be generated with information about each task. Each task could have your own specific information attached to it, such as what was performed, its status, any follow-up tasks required, etc.
Again, channel hooks could also be written to monitor these feeds and take the appropriate action.