Why upgrade?

A good question. We answered this one in the forums.

[Y]ou might also ask why have I spent thousands of hours (yes, it's in the thousands) on Awasu and then give it away for free. Yes, there are paid versions and yes, we make money consulting and doing customizations but the question still stands. Part of the answer is here.

Another part is what sort of person you are. If I find some software that is really useful and the author has been generous enough to make available for free, I think it's a Good Thing (tm) to send something the his/her way to say "thanks, I found this really useful, please keep it up." Compare that with software that you *have* to pay for. This is the spirit that the internet was built upon, the sharing of ideas and knowledge and resources. Compare that with the internet that people are trying to foist upon us today: DMCA, DRM, and so on

Finally, for purely "selfish" reasons, the paid versions allow for more channels, more frequent updates, more configuration options. And while you might not be interested in writing plugins yourself, you may well want to use some written by others.

But even if you choose not to purchase Awasu, you can still help out. Spread the word. Let people know about us and if you think we deserve it, recommend us. We can't afford a big advertising budget so we rely on word-of-mouth. It's better that way anyway