Mobi Channel Report

Contributed by kevotheclone

The Mobipocket eBook publishing format is supported by a wide variety of hardware as well as several software-based readers, such as: Calibre, Mobipocket Reader Desktop, and Kindle for PC.

One advantage of publishing your Channel Report to a Mobipocket format is that the people who are recipients of your Channel Report can bookmark and annotate their .MOBI files.

Publishing a Mobipocket eBook from Awasu is relatively easy.

In this example we're going to use free-to-use "KindleGen" program, which can be downloaded here.

Really Simple Publishing

Creating a Mobipocket eBook can be as simple as creating a Channel report that outputs an HTML file and then processing the HTML file with the KindleGen program.

While the Channel Report template (below) produces a fully functional Mobipocket eBook with a table of contents, your eBook experience can be further enhanced with the addition of a cover page and an index, unfortunately cover pages and indexes are beyond the scope of this wiki page.

The MOBI Channel Report

Download and unpack this ZIP file to the Resources/Report Templates directory (under the Awasu installation directory).

Post-processing command

The Mobi Channel Report (above) will produce an HTML file with a few custom HTML elements that provide page-break capability in the final eBook. This post-processing command will compile the HTML file into a .MOBI file, retaining the same base file name as the HTML file.

Be sure to specify the full path to the kindlegen.exe program.

Full_Path_To_KindleGen\kindlegen.exe {%REPORT-FILENAME%}