Making Awasu run faster

If you have a lot of channels and/or your PC is a little old, you may find that your computer becomes sluggish or unresponsive when Awasu is updating channels. Checking Task Manager might show that Awasu is using lots of CPU but this is usually not the cause of the problem. Awasu will use all the CPU that's available, but if another program needs it, Awasu will relinquish it.

The most likely culprit is disk usage. Awasu accesses the hard disk a lot when new content is arriving - it has to archive all the new feed items, then update the search index - which can impact other programs who also want to access the disk. If you are on a laptop with slow disks (5400rpm or 4200rpm), or your hard disk is nearly full or badly fragmented, all these can make the problem worse.

There are a few things that can be done to alleviate this problem.

Defer search index updates

Awasu maintains a database (the "search index") that allows searches to be done in a reasonable amount of time but keeping this up-to-date takes a lot of work. If you don't use Awasu's search features, you can turn the search index off by opening the Program Options dialog, going to the Archive page and un-ticking Enable the search index. This will make Awasu run noticeably faster.

If you do need Awasu's search features, you can defer updating the search index to off-peak times e.g. overnight when you're not using Awasu. In this case, new feed items won't be returned in search results until the index has been updated.

Throttle channel updates

If you are updating lots of channels at once, Awasu will start downloading them all at the same time and process each one as it finishes. However, there is a limit on how many simultaneous downloads Awasu will have at any one time so by reducing this limit, you can slow down rate at which channels update, which should slow down the rate at which new items are arriving, which should minimize the amount of work Awasu has to do and the impact it has on the rest of your computer.

Make sure Awasu is not running, open up your CONFIG.INI file in Notepad and find the line that starts with ChannelUpdateAgentConcurrency=. It will probably be set to -1 which means "use the default value", which are:

Personal Edition   10
Advanced Edition   20
Pro Edition        30

Set it to a value lower than your default and experiment to find what works for you e.g. setting it to 1 will mean that Awasu will only update 1 channel at a time, which will have the minimum impact on your computer but will also take the longest to finish updating lots of channels.