Integrating Awasu

Awasu's Tools menu provides an easy way to integrate external applications and services into the program without having to go to the trouble of writing a plugin or channel hook.

Using a tool couldn't be easier: just select some text in a browser window and choose the appropriate tool from the menu. For example, you can search Google or Wikipedia for the selected text, or even translate the page.

Integrating with TiddlyWiki

TiddlyWiki is a single-page wiki that you can use as a personal notebook. It can be integrated with Awasu by creating a Send To tool like this:

mshta.exe "long_style_path_to_your_TiddlyWiki_file.HTA#newTiddler:%22{%title%}%22"

These Send-To tools only create new Tiddlers with the title of the current feed item, because that's all the newTiddler startup method provides but TiddlyWiki features a plugin architecture, so you should be able to create a new startup method that would accept the feed title, description, and any feed categories which would be become the new Tiddler's tags.

Integrating with Movable Type

If you are using Movable Type, create a new user tool and enter the following command:{%TITLE%}&link_title={%TITLE%}&link_href={%URL%}&text={%SELTEXT%}

You must adjust the URL to reflect the location of your blog.