Feed redirection

There are two situations in which Awasu will automatically adjust the feed URL of your channels. In both cases, the publisher will have moved the feed to a different URL but has left instructions to any feed readers accessing the old URL to go to the new location.

The most common way a publisher can specify forwarding instructions is to instruct the web server to return a special code (HTTP 301 Moved Permanently) to anyone accessing the feed, to let them know that the feed has moved and what the new URL is.

Alternatively, they can use XML redirection to replace the feed itself with the forwarding instructions.

How can this cause problems?

It is common for places offering WiFi to redirect your browser to a login page where you must login or purchase credits before you can access the Internet. However, some WiFi networks have been improperly configured to return HTTP 301's to do this. This means that when Awasu updates your channels, it will think the feed URL's have been moved and automatically update each channel to point to the new URL i.e. WiFi network's login page! This is obviously extremely annoying.

If too many channels are being updated because of HTTP 301 redirections, Awasu will notify you and let you either accept the new URL's or revert back to the original ones.

You can also disable updates altogether by opening the Program Options, going to the Advanced tab and un-ticking Allow feed URL's to be updated automatically by the publisher.