Excel Channel Report

Contributed by kevotheclone

Technically, this Channel Report outputs SpeadsheetML with an XML processing instruction that instructs a Windows PC to attempt to open the SpeadsheetML file in Excel. So for the most part this is an "Excel Channel Report" although it could potentially be used in other spreadsheet applications as well.

While Excel may not seem like the best application for reading feeds (it isn't), remember that Awasu can extract, store and republish Metadata that is attached to feeds. If a feed attaches numeric metadata like ShakeMaps then a simple variation of this Channel Report would be a great way to export ShakeMap metadata (ShakeMap Metadata module) to a spreadsheet program to perform calculations (distributions, deviations, frequency, mean, median, etc.) on that data.


Download and unpack this ZIP file to the Resources/Report Templates directory (under the Awasu installation directory).

Supported Excel versions

SpreadsheetML is supported by Excel XP, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010. I was only able to test this SpreadsheetML Channel Report in Excel 2003 and 2007 and it looked and functioned identically in both versions.

The output format

In this example I chose to output:

  • The Channel Name with a hyperlink to the web sites home page
  • The feed item's title with a hyperlink to the web page referenced by the feed item
  • The Workpad Item Notes (if applicable)
  • AutoFilter is enabled for all 3 columns
  • The column headings are locked so that they won't scroll out of sight (known as "Freeze Panes")
  • "Page Setup" is configured for landscape printing, centered horizontally on the page, set to fit horizontally on a page but vertically spread over many pages (if needed), column headings will repeat on every page