Channel Title as Item Data Channel Hook

Contributed by kevotheclone

This extension was written by kevotheclone in response to a request by a user to include the channel name for each item in the item pane.

An XSL extracts the channel's name from the feed XML and inserts a copy of it as a custom node in the XML for each feed item.

Then, a metadata module tells Awasu how to extract the custom nodes from the feed XML, so that it can be stored with the metadata for each feed item, where it becomes available for use anywhere item metadata can be used (e.g. the item pane).


  • Download and unpack this file somewhere.
  • Save in C:/Program Files/Awasu/Resources/Metadata Modules/.
  • Enable the new metadata module (Program Options, Advanced tab, Metadata modules).
  • Save ChannelTitleAsItemData.xslt somewhere e.g. C:/Program Files/Awasu/XSLT/.
  • Attach it to each channel you want this processing to be done for (Properties dialog, Details tab, Processing).
  • When you update the channel, you will see a new "Channel name" field at the bottom of each item.


To make this channel name appear in the channel's item pane:

  • Open the channel's properties dialog and click on Item pane.
  • Click the green plus button and add ktc/ChannelName as the Metadata Value.