Awasu GoogleSearch plugin

This plugin lets you monitor Google search results as a channel in your Awasu.

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Getting started

Before you can start using this plugin, you need to set up a few things, as described here.

Creating a new channel

Additional help is available here.

Configuring the channel

The plugin accepts the following parameters:

Search query Your search query.
Max. results The maximum number of results to return.


Google lets you run up to 100 free queries per day (bottom of the page). If you need more than that, there is a billing option that lets you purchase more queries (currently $5 for 1000 queries, up to a maximum of 10,000 per day).

Google only returns 10 results per query, so if you configure your plugin to return 35 results, this will result in 4 queries (10+10+10+5) being logged against your daily quota.

Freshness How old the search results can be.
Enter a value of the form d3 (3 days), w2 (2 weeks), m6 (6 months) or y5 (5 years).
Must include Terms that all search results must contain.
Must exclude Terms that all search results must not contain.
OR terms Search results must contain at least one of these terms.
Language Search results must be in this language.
Country Search results must be from this country.
Safe search Blocks inappropriate or explicit search results.
Allow duplicates Flags if duplicate results should be included.
Your country Tailors the search results to a country.
Script timeout How long to allow this script to run (seconds).