Awasu 2.3.2.alpha2

IMPORTANT: This is an alpha release (what's this?). Some features may not be complete and there will probably be bugs!

You must be already running 2.3.2.alpha1.

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Optimized config file management

The main change in this release is a system-wide optimization of how Awasu manages its config files. This should result in a much snappier UI, plus faster feed updates (although this will be less noticable since it happens in the background).


Support for Outbrain's feed item ranking system

This release also adds support for Outbrain, a new online service that lets you rate feed items. We will also be adding more features along these lines as they expand their system.

This feature is off by default but to turn it on, open the Program Options dialog, go to the Advanced tab and click on the new Templates button. Then simply activate the OUTBRAIN_USERID setting.


Minor changes and bug fixes


Known issues