Awasu 2.3.2.alpha1

IMPORTANT: This is an alpha release (what's this?). Some features may not be complete and there will probably be bugs!

You must be already running 2.3.1.

To install:


Super-charged feed updating engine

Awasu now has a new super-duper feed updating engine that is around 2-5 times (!) faster than the old one (depending on your PC and which edition of Awasu you are using).

Note that only the feed updating engine has been changed in this release. If you have a lot of new content coming in, Awasu will be spending a lot of time analyzing and archiving it, which will dominate the processing time. To see the full effect of this change, update all your channels and then straight away, update them all again (so that they will update but not receive any new content). You may need to restart Awasu if the "Update all channels" item is disabled in the Tools menu. Then open the Activity Log and watch the channels fly by :-)


Other optimizations

Tracking of revised items is now off by default. This should significantly reduce the size of the archive database and make opening channel windows faster.

The way Awasu tracks unread items has also been tweaked, which should fix the problem of Awasu hanging the first few times you change channel filters. It also makes startup a bit more pleasant if the filter you have active means that a lot of channels are present in My Channels.


Minor changes and bug fixes


Known issues