Awasu now archives content as it arrives and so you are no longer restricted to seeing just content in the current feed. There are some new options that control how all this works which are described below.

NOTE: Channels will be empty until their first update. If you open a channel and find it has no content, do a manual update. If you have been running this version for a while and you find that a channel is not showing any content, check the content presentation settings. For example, you may find that the channel is configured to show content from the last 3 days but the most recent item was received 5 days ago.

For best results, the database should be optimized on a regular basis. This is done automatically every week (by default) but you can also do it manually from the Seach page of the Program Options dialog.


Basic operation

The first thing to consider is how long you want to archive content for. The global settings can be found on the Search page of the Program Options and you can also configure channels individually on the Search page of the Channel Properties dialog.


You can also control how much of the content you want to see in the channel summary pages e.g. the last 20 items or all items from the past 2 weeks. The old Max Feed Items setting has been retired since it is no longer necessary. There are also new options in the View|Show feed items menu that temporarily change what gets shown.

Awasu also correctly handles items that have been edited and republished. Each revision is still archived as a separate item but by default, Awasu analyzes each new item to see if it looks like one that has already been received and if so, only shows the most recent one. This feature can be turned off in the Channel Properties (Disable duplicate item analysis). There are certain cases where this should be turned on (e.g. for feeds that publish items that share the same URL) and Awasu automatically detects this.

If duplicate item analysis is enabled for a channel (as it is by default) and modified posts are detected, they will appear as a single entry in the item pane and a special indicator used. Right-click on the item and choose Show revisions to see each revision of the item.

Minor issues

  • There will be a brief delay the first time you run this version (before the main window appears) as Awasu upgrades all your channels and creates the archive database.

  • Until the proper search engine is implemented (next beta), search is going to be really slow. Therefore, search only checks the most recent feed for each channel.

  • Channels in the system tray menu will only show items from the last feed and so what you see here may not correspond to what you see in the channel's window.

  • The GUI may hang briefly if there are a lot of updates are going on at the same time. However, this has only happened during stress-testing which puts far more load on Awasu than it will ever see in normal use. If you are seeing GUI hangs, please let us know and I'll send you something to try.

  • You may get the occasional "database is locked" error. Again, this only happens under heavy load - please let us know if you see it.

Developer issues

  • Feed content is no longer stored in the .CHANNEL files. This will obviously have an impact on anything looking for it there (e.g. channel hooks).

  • There is no longer an ExpiredFeedItem event.

  • The MarkFeedItemAsViewed event no longer has an isEndMarkAll parameter. There is a new MarkAllFeedItemsAsViewed event that is raised when the user marks all feed items as viewed. Hooks that are interested in detecting when a feed item becomes flagged as read or unread must register for both of these events.

  • Feed item ID's are now numeric, not strings.