Using Awasu with a proxy

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Awasu can be used with a proxy but things need to be configured in two places.

Configuring Awasu's own internet access

For Awasu's own internet access (e.g. updating feeds, downloading podcasts, etc.), the proxy can be configured by opening the Program Options dialog (from the Tools menu), going to the Advanced page and clicking on the Proxy authentication button.

Configuring the embedded browser's internet access

Awasu uses Internet Explorer as its embedded browser which will use whatever proxy settings it has been configured with (open a separate IE window, choose Internet Options from the Tools menu and go to the Connections page). Normally, the embedded IE browser will ask you for your proxy username and password but both Awasu 2.3 and 2.4 inadvertently disable this dialog box. To re-enable it, open Awasu's Program Options dialog, go to the Display page and click on the Properties button to the right of where it says "Internet Explorer" in the top-right corner. Then untick "Disable dialog boxes".