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It is better than shows in the screen shot here!
It is better than shows in the screenshot here!

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Download and unpack this ZIP file to the Resources/Channel Summary Templates directory (under the Awasu installation directory), go to the Display page of Awasu's Options dialog and set the Default content presentation template to the PartialEclipse.template file.

Contributed by keepfeed

It is better than shows in the screenshot here!

Gone is the moon (not just once every 28 days) and the colours are quiet and simple giving a minimalist environment, very simple, clean, tidy and easy to read without the more detailed text becoming a distraction when you mostly want to scan through the headlines.

If you want to make things even cleaner, dispense with the icons for each Channel - especially on a small screen - by going into PROPERTIES for that channel (right click on it) and resize a small image with graphics software if you have any like FastStone Viewer or Screen Capture to 1 x 1 pixel which should make it invisible. That does not work on some channels, so edit a small or tiny square in the same colour as the background. Either way, save to a convenient place and reference that instead of the default for that channel. If you just clear out the existing link, some channels will just regenerate it.

The name PartialEclipse reflects the origin, having been cloned from the Eclipse template with a few changes that alter it out of all recognition. It would have been even better if I understood the language! So all I did was delete one line that embeds the moon, change the colours, and enlarge the font for the item headings.