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Google-based Send to and User tools

One of the things that made Google unique among search engines was that they analyzed the links between web pages and used that link analysis in their calculation of a page's ranking (PageRank). From Google's Advanced Search screen they provide the ability to perform queries upon the links between sites.

Although there are 3 Send to tools and 2 User tools defined below, there are really just three different Google-based queries being performed. But since 2 of them could be used as either a Send to tool or a User tool, and since the syntax is slightly different I thought I'd define all 5 Send to/User tools for clarity and good OOBE for you.

The 3 queries are:

  1. Display the pages that link to this feed item
  2. Display the pages that link to this web site
  3. Display the pages that are related to this web site

Send to tools

Links to this item{%URL%}

Links to this site{%CHANNEL-METADATA% homeUrl}

Related sites{%CHANNEL-METADATA% homeUrl}

User tools

Pages that link to this site{%URL%}

Related websites{%URL%}