GeoRSS Metadata module

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GeoRSS Metadata module

This Metadata module will display any GeoRSS-Simple elements found in your feeds in Channel Summary Templates. The specific GeoRSS-Simple elements displayed are <georss:point/> and <georss:elev> but other GeoRSS elements could easily be added.

Note: You must have MSXML installed for metadata modules to work.

Note: This metadata module requires Awasu 2.4.1 or later.

Creating the Metadata module

  1. Copy the text in the box below and paste it into a new text file named
  2. Save it in your \Resources\Metadata Modules\ sub-directory under your Awasu installation directory.

Instructions for configuring Metadata modules can be found here: Awasu 2.4 Metadata module help topic

Name = GeoRSS
Summary = Extracts GeoRSS-Simple geocodes (point/elev).

This metadata module extracts global map locations that have been embedded into feeds
using the <a href="" target="_blank">GeoRSS-Simple Vocabulary</a>

georss =

[Common Metadata]
georss/point = georss:point
georss/elev = georss:elev

[Item Pane Columns]
_AvailabilityMsg=Available for channels that embed GeoRSS information into their feed items.

[Channel Details Template Block]
    <div class="mm-georss">
    {%REPEAT% georss}
        <div>{%ITEM-METADATA% georss/point} {%ITEM-METADATA% georss/elev}</div>

[Item Details Template Block]
{%?ITEM-METADATA% georss}
    <div class="mm-georss">
    {%REPEAT% georss}
        <div><b>Latitude Longitude:</b> {%ITEM-METADATA% georss/point}&nbsp<b>Elevation:</b> {%ITEM-METADATA% georss/elev}</div>

After installing the Metadata Module and enabling it in the Advanced page of Awasu's Program Options dialog, there will be two new Metadata values that you can add to the Item Pane: Elevation (georss/elev) and Point (georss/point).

For additional help on adding columns to the Item Pane see the Channel settings help topic.

Here are a couple of sample feeds that contain GeoRSS-Simple elements:

For other ways to extend Awasu with GeoRSS support, click this link: GeoRSS