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As we become more connected while we are mobile, geolocation may become more prevelent. HTML 5 now includes geolocation features: Geolocation API Specification

Awasu already has strong support for the W3C Basic Geo Vocabulary (World Geodetic System) via the Metadata module, but some feeds use an alternative method of geographically tagging feeds, GeoRSS. Thanks to Awasu's great extensibility, adding GeoRSS support to Awasu is easy and it's possible to do so in a couple of different ways:

This Metadata module will display any GeoRSS data found in your feeds in Channel Summary Templates.
This XSLT transformation converts GeoRSS <georss:point> data found in your feeds into W3C Basic Geo <geo:lat> and <geo:long> elements where they will be further processed by Awasu's Metadata module.

There are two different versions of GeoRSS: GeoRSS-Simple and GeoRSS-GML. At this time both of the above solutions only handle GeoRSS-Simple element as I've only found feeds that use GeoRSS-Simple elements; if you find any feeds that use GeoRSS-GML elements let me know via the Awasu Forums and I'll add support for GeoRSS-GML.