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There are two ways Awasu can be used to generate and publish a feed.

Publishing a feed using reports

This method is better for publishing feeds that will be accessed over the internet.

Configure a report that will be generated from the content in a workpad, using a template that will generate Atom or RSS output. Awasu comes with one installed by default (MetaChannel.template) or you can write one of your own.

Configure this report to FTP its output to your web server at a fixed URL e.g., then tell people to subscribe to this feed URL.

Every time the report is run, a new feed will be generated from the workpad's current content and uploaded to your server. The report can even be configured to be run automatically any time you make changes to the workpad, which means that the feed will always be up-to-date.

Publishing a feed using the Awasu API

If you want people to be able to access your feeds in an intranet environment, it is also possible to publish them via the Awasu API (requires 2.4.2 or later).

Simply add the items you want to appear in the feed to a workpad, then tell people to subscribe to the appropriate URL e.g. http://my-computer:1234/workpads/feed?name=MyWorkpad.

For this to work:

  • Your Awasu must be configured to allow access to the Awasu API from another computer (Program Options, Advanced page, Remote Access button).
  • The other computers must have access to your computer.
  • Your Awasu must be running in order to process any requests.