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This article describe how to upload your already Awasu uploaded podcasts to your PocketPc (without manual actions of course).

Site Podcast -> step 1 - Awasu upload on your computer -> step 2 upload on your PocketPc

Step 1 is described in Awasu manual.

We'll cover here only the step 2.

The following solutions have been eliminated as they are not appropriate : - Pointing directly Awasu to you PocketPC storage card is not a solution as your device won't always be connected. - Putting them in the PocketPc My Document is also a no go (not enough space).

The whole story is to push the podcasts into your device.

There is some softs on the market but I stopped on the one I found the best and the simpler and it's by far Mob Sync. It's not a freeware nor an open source but for only 8$ (6,5€) it's not a problem.

MobSync synchronize hard drive folders to PocketPc storage card. You can customize it to do it automaticaly of course.

It take me a long time to found the right solution, but now I think I have it so I share it with you. There is plenty of others possibles solutions so share them with us.