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This channel plugin generates a feed from one or more NNTP news groups.

IMPORTANT: It generates an Atom 1.0 feed and therefore requires Awasu 2.2.1 or later.


  • Download and unpack this ZIP file: nntp.zip

The recommended location is the ChannelPlugins directory in Awasu's installation directory.

  • Start the Channel Wizard and browse to the plugin's EXE file.
  • It is recommended that you set the global News server parameter the first time you create a channel. This will be used for all subsequent channels (although it can be overridden on a per-channel basis).
  • More than one news group can be included in a single channel. Just enter the name of each news group separated by spaces.

Bonus feature

If you run NNTP.EXE from the command line and pass it the name of your news server as an argument, it will print out a list of available groups.