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Awasu's most powerful feature is it's amazing customizability. There are so many ways to change both the way Awasu looks and works and this page is your launching point to find out more.

Channel templates

Template files are used to control how the content for each channel is presented. Awasu 2.2.1 introduced a much more powerful template processor and a swag of different templates ([screenshots]). Most everything you might want to do can be done solely through the use of CSS but it is also possible to get really your hands dirty are start tweaking the template files themselves.

NOTE: If your template includes external graphic files or consists of more than one or two files, it would best packaged up as a ZIP file. Please send it to us and we'll upload it and give you a URL to link to it.

These are the channel templates available for free download!

Channel reports

[Reports ]are used to re-publish feed content out of Awasu. The most common way is to add feed items to a [workpad] where you can edit them and add your comments, then assemble them together in a report and publish it.

These are the report templates available for free download!

  • Delimiter-separated Values Channel Report: Lets you export your feed data into a common format that is easily importable into a wide variety of software e.g. databases, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Excel: Lets you export your feed data directly into an XML-based Excel format featuring embedded hyperlinks, Workpad notes (if applicable), AutoFilter enabled and locked column headings.
  • KML: Lets you take locations embedded in your feeds and look at them in a geo-browser e.g. Google Earth or Google Maps.
  • MOBI: Lets you make eBook files that can be read on mobile eBook readers e.g. Amazon's Kindle and smartphones e.g. Android, iPhone, etc.

Plugin channels

Plugin channels let Awasu extract information from anywhere at all, not just a web site with a feed. They can be written in any language you like and can be as short as a dozen lines! Check out the Samples sub-directory under where you installed Awasu for lots of examples.

These are the plugin channels available for free download!

Channel hooks

Channel hooks are a unique feature of Awasu that transforms it into an extremely powerful information processing tool. Like plugin channels, they are small scripts (that can be written in any language) that are invoked when things happen on a channel, analyze what happened and then intelligently respond to it.

These are the channel hooks available for free download!

User tools

Awasu can easily be integrated with other programs through the use of User Tools and Send-To tools.

These are some of the integrations that can be done:


Awasu provides native support for using XSLT and/or SOAP to manipulate feed XML. This makes it incredibly easy to query web services and other XML-based services and convert the results into a feed that Awasu can use.

These are the XSLT/SOAP files available for free download!

Metadata modules

Metadata modules let Awasu extract this extra embedded information out of a channel's feed XML and store it in the archive database. This information is then accessible along with all the other normal feed metadata and can be inserted in channel summary pages, reports, etc.

  • GeoRSS Metadata module: Display any GeoRSS-Simple elements found in your feeds in Channel Summary Templates.
  • ShakeMap Metadata module Display any United States Geological Survey (USGS) ShakeMap elements found in your feeds in Channel Summary Templates.