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Tuesday 9th December 2003 9:30 PM [General]

Those of you who have been following the Echo/Pie/Atom/Whatever saga will know what I'm talking about. And so do Amy Gahran who is running a competition to find a new name for RSS and Nova Spivack who proposes a name for the revolution: The Metaweb.

If RSS is ever going to go mainstream, we need a name for this movement that is more consumer-friendly than "the Blogosphere" -- and also a name that is not particularly tied to Blogs. RSS and emerging metadata technologies including XML, RDF, DAML+OIL, OWL, etc. should not be linked only to Weblogs. In fact these technologies can be used for so many things -- from publishing, to marketing, e-commerce, community, collaboration and even IT-management, supply-chain integration, support, KM, business intelligence, search, and much more we haven't even imagined yet. That's why I propose calling this new generation of the Web, "The Metaweb." The Metaweb isn't really a new Web, it's a new meta-layer of the existing Web, and it's all about metadata.

The Semantic Web always struck me as a bit of a stuffy term and while Metaweb is a bit better, it's still not quite there for my Ma :-)

But Nova has hit on what we've been saying from the very beginning:

As the world moves from "dumb data, smart apps" to "smart data, smart apps" we will all benefit from a dramatic improvement in the way information is managed and shared. Information overload comes from "dumb data" not "dumb apps." By making the data "smarter" we can enable applications to be "smarter" with less work, and without fancy AI. The Metaweb is not about artificial intelligence, it's about providing richer semantic interoperability, and richer semantic metadata, in existing applications and information sources.

It's all about the meta-data.

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