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Saturday 12th March 2016 4:22 PM [Tutorial]

A while back, I posted a massive tutorial on how to set up a NAS file server on a Banana Pi, and it was so much fun, I've written another even massiver one on how to set up an internet gateway on a Banana Pi.

A gateway lets you isolate computers in your home network from the internet. To reach the internet, a computer has to through the gateway, which means that if you put a firewall or virus checker or ad-blocker here, all your computers will benefit from them.

As before, this series of tutorials will walk you through the whole process of setting up a gateway, including a lot of not-essential-but-nice-to-have stuff. We start off by setting up a bare-bones gateway:

Once this is up and running, we then take a look at installing some useful extra services:

These days, a firewall is pretty much a necessity, and it's quite eye-opening to watch the logs and see the constant stream of attacks, as people try to break into your computer. And even if you run an ad-blocker like uBlock or AdBlock, a DNS-based ad-blocker can be run along-side it, without affecting browser performance at all[1]Browser plugins tend to slow the browser down noticeably, and can use huge amounts of memory..


1 Browser plugins tend to slow the browser down noticeably, and can use huge amounts of memory.

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Sorry about the late comment, but this took awhile to read and digest... and I've got to hand it to you... it's pretty awesome.
Thanks for creating such a detailed tutorial and providing the bash scripts to set it up quickly.

No worries, thanks :-) It's really just documentation for myself, for when I trash the device and need to build a new one :|

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