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Sunday 4th January 2004 2:28 PM [General]

Well, not quite. Now that 1.2 has been released, here's a little preview of what's coming over the next few months.

First, a funky new UI. Those of you familiar with Visual Studio 7 will notice the pushpins on the Control Center and Logs windows. These are auto-hide windows that, um, automatically hide when not in use, giving you more screen space for the important stuff.

The My Channels window will be extended so that channels can be grouped and managed visually. And finally, a Blog this! interface that will let you take content that you have read, then edit or add to it and post it to your own blog.

Should be fun so stay tuned! :-)

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Awasu Keeps Getting Better
You know that I think Awasu is about the smartest chunk of software since the breadslicer, but Taka and his ad hoc team keep delivering ever better functionality with a relaxed approach that belies the amount of work that goes

Taka ... was just wondering if you were considering showing a number or symbol next to each channel that showed how many items you had read in that channel in the last (month?/week?). That would mean that it would be easy to see which channels one always clicks 'Mark all as read' .. thus becoming candidates to delete this channel. Also would possibly allow one to sort channels not just alphabetically, but also by number of news items read, thus bringing 'rich' value channels to the top more easily. Please just ignore if you think these are silly ideas.

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