Awasu » It’s tough for anybody to beat that
Wednesday 12th October 2005 6:16 AM [General]

Following up on my post yesterday, Paul Scrivens closes with this piece of advice:

Release fast, release often, release quality.

It's tough for anybody to beat that.

While other RSS readers may have run out of ideas or slowed down their pace of development, if you check out what we've been up to this year, it's easy to see that we're definitely not suffering from these kinds of problems. Honestly, sometimes it feels as if the harder I work, the longer The List of feature requests and ideas and suggestions gets. :whip:

We're on the final push towards the 2.2 release and most of the coding is already done. You will be seeing the first release candidate out soon and then it'll just be a case of updating the documentation :cry:

As Paul says, the "release quality" bit is pretty important. We're extremely proud of where Awasu is now, not only impressively fitted out with a broad array of powerful features but it looks pretty damn good as well :cool:.

Just makes ya wanna dance! :jig:

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